Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ahhh..happier days. Nathaniel and I had this taken in a photo booth
at Chuck e Cheese's last fall. I think we need to go back there and
celebrate after the baby is born.

I only have 136 days until I'm due! I can do this.

Our regular parenting style has gone to pot while I've been in bed-
the kids watch waaay too much T.V., eat tons of junk food, and
we don't get out and go to fun places quite so much. They also haven't
practiced violin since December. And here is the really scary thing-
I'm ok with it. I just know that this is all temporary, and when I
feel better, we'll pick it up again. Life will return to normal. My
children will have an active Mom about 136 days.
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

London's Cake

London and I are hanging out
this morning, having pink
lemonade, pretzels, and
Girl Scout Cookies for breakfast.

She is busy being an
artist. This is a photo
of a 'cake for Dada'.
The gray thing is a
strawberry. Yum!

"Don't loose my
concentration, Mom,"
she says, "You know
what helps me think?
Cookies and candy."

I couldn't agree more!

We share the
Thin Mint Cookie
and think.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Nathaniel looking oh, so handsome in his church attire.

London and the pig nose that made Dad so proud!

This is what I'm doing today- selling mounds of clothes on ebay.
I know, I'm supposed to be on bedrest, but, I'm feeling ok today
and just want to be doing something productive.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yeah, I love you , Baby! Latex glove and all!
(Bear Lake, Late Summer 2008)
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Rich and the kids come home frm church today. London is wearing a pig-nose(I'll post pics later) and Dad is proud. Since Rich worked until 4 in the morning, he announced he was going upstairs to bed. That's when I notice he is wearing a latex glove on one hand.

"What's the glove for?"

"Uooh. There's a turd stuck in the upstairs toilet."

(Me laughing)"Isn't that why we have a plunger?"

"It's not that kind of turd."

I can't stop laughing at this point.

"Would you mind getting the pizzas out of the oven?" He asks.

Noooo problem!
He has good taste for a 7 year old.
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Festival of the trees 2009

Who could have guessed?
Nathaniel and London by the Seven Dwarves cottage.
Trick question: how many Jacks are in the picture above?
The boys loved the tree that came with a bigscreen TV. Again, who knew?
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WOW! Where have I been for the last year and a half? Let's see...we sold our home in West Valley, moved in with my parents for 6 weeks while we bought our new home in Saratoga Springs. We spent some time settling in, and then...decided to have another baby. Why? BECAUSE RICH AND I ARE CRAZY PEOPLE. (In case you haven't noticed) And we love our kids so much, we decided life wouldn't be complete without 'just one more'.
My pregnancies are so difficult, though. I spent the whole winter in bed, sick as a dog. I'm 20 weeks along now, and still sick as a dog. I'm so nauseated all the time that the only way I know I'm going to lose it, is that I feel my diaphragm tighten. Crazy, huh? Well, what can I do about it, anyway? I'm spending my time just trying to be grateful that I can have kids at all, and I'm over the worst of it.
Spring is coming! It will be here when it's warm enough to go outside and just sit in the sun. It might be here tomorrow. That makes me happy.