Monday, November 29, 2010

Blushing, Laughing, Smiling

I'm blushing.

My dear friend, The Purse Blogger  (Laura) is featuring me as her 'favorite lady of the week' today.  Yipeee!!  Stop by her awesome blog, check it out, and tell her we're all friends.  She is one of the best bloggers on the net, and is my favorite lady of the week (month, year..) for sure.

I'm  laughing.

I opened windows media player after my husband had been using my laptop, and noticed that the last thing which had been played was a video with a....well, questionable title.  I wanted to know (WTH?!) my DH had been watching, but I couldn't get it to come up.  I was filled with suspicion, but I stayed calm.  And carried on.  I visited You tube and typed in the title, holding my breath.

This is what it turned out to be:

I guess I'm the perv.

I'm smiling.

Smiling over a talented, generous blogger who who makes fantastic signs like this:

and gives them away. I printed up the Thanksgiving one she made, framed it, and put it on my dining room table- it looked fantastic.  I'll be switching it out with this one today. Get yours HERE

I'm shopping.

Target has Super Scribblenauts (ds game) for $22 on sale today, and I've got to get a copy for Nathaniel- it's the one thing he really wants for Christmas, and Santa's got to come through.

Also, my friend Jen told me about THIS DEAL for (generic but cute) pillow pets.  $8.05 with free shipping.  You can't beat that.

Peace out.


Crystal Escobar said...

Oh that is too funny about the video, haha. I just watched it and was laughing at the title then laughing about how funny it was.
Congrats on being lady of the week! Yay for you!

blueviolet said...

Too funny how your mind got the best of you on the vid!

I need to check out what this Scribblenauts thing is that you mentioned!

Venassa said...

Congrats on being featured! I'm heading over there to check it out.
I'm at work so I can't watch the video, but now I'm really curious lol.

Amy said...

That video was awesome!...and yes, you are the perv. ;) Yay for being featured!

Debbie said...

Was that driver anyone I know? Jeez, must have been stoned or something. CONGRATULATIONS on being favorite lady of the week my darling, you are awesome! Isn't it nice to blush because you're being complimented and not embarrassed? LOVE THAT! Keep Calm and Merry On this week :)

Jen said...

I love that Halloween sign, it's one of my favorites!! Congratulations on being featured! You are amazing!

The Blue Zoo said...

I loved your post over at Pursebloggers blog! I was totally cracking up!

CountessLaurie said...

Oh my. i love how he uses his blinker and everything ...

Congrats on the spot of honor!!

purseblogger said...

You are so good to me. How did I luck out finding you and making such a good friend? xoxo