Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Tidepools

 I've been less of a blogger and more of a slacker (online, at least) lately.  I miss my virtual friends.  Where does my time go?  
I've been working out 5x/ week, mostly to Biggest Loser videos.  I love Bob.  Yes. I do. When I first started, I could only do a 6 minute segment.  I just slowly worked my way up, doing 1 or 2 more minutes a day, and now, after 3 months, I can do 25 - 30 minutes of cardio without wishing for death. 

I bought my first pair of skinny leg jeans since 1989 yesterday, and they look good.  I was as shocked as you probably are.

I'm doing my best to step back, quit trying to live everyone else's life, and start living my own.  It's a good feeling.  It's also a hard thing to completely change my mindset, and I keep slipping up, but I can see some slow improvement.

I've been reading a lot.  I love Dr. AMEN"S  books on the brain.  I'm fascinated with the way the mind works, and trying to incorporate anything that will improve my brain into my daily routine.  Hence, the daily exercise.  I started it to ward off the winter woes, and it has definitely worked.   The skinny jeans are just a nice side effect of improved brain circulation.

I've also been taking fish oil and grape seed extract supplements.  I don't know if they're really working, but they make me feel smarter anyway.  I've cut caffeine out of my diet.  Over time, caffeine puts 'holes' in your brain (it basically constricts blood flow so you don't have access to certain areas).  Caffeine makes you dumb.  Who knew?  Apparently Joseph Smith did.

Anyway, I'm playing catch up on pictures from last year, so I can post some from now.  Almost there.  These are the last from Point Loma in November.  Enjoy.


Can you see the crab?

i love you much

(most beautiful darling)

more than anyone on

the earth and i like you

better than everything

in the sky.

-e.e. cummings



Tylaine said...

Man Kellie you are just so beautiful you make me cry. Your photography is beautiful. Your attitude and outlook on life is beautiful. You are truly a beautiful person and I am so blessed to know you.
(love the little feet photo :))

Megan said...

I wish I had a better word than beautiful to describe the pictures and a better word than witty to describe your text.

Thanks for sharing your witty, beautiful post.

~Dana said...

Fun memories!