Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunday Snapshot(s) Easter!

Jack with his Grandma.

Cute little cousin Emmy

Grandma came up with the most clever way to have an Easter egg hunt- color code the eggs for each child!  It was fantastic!
He has become the most handsome kid.

Simple treasures are the best in life.

This was not technically her Easter dress- but it's still a cute one- very 'London'.

Cute cousin Lizzy holds her treasures.

My favorite thing about this shot is the different colored nail polish on her little fingers.  She put in a special request for that.

He's definitely tinted his brows with some sort of food substance at this point.

My sweet little artist makes the world a more beautiful place.

Easter Egg Hunt

Grandma's House
April 2011


Tylaine said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures! Love the color coded Easter eggs :) And I so love London's dress!

~Dana said...

I love London's boots!

Megan said...

The vibrancy of these photos is amazing.