Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Confessional

It has been a while! Here we go:

I confess:  
  • I have been so busy lately, it feels like a sin.  I need to take more time for myself to just relax and recharge.  I have been feeling frazzled; having a sick baby to add major constant screaming to the list of things to deal with hasn't helped either.  I am scheduling a "do nothing" (nothing more than I have to) day for myself next week.  I need to regroup.
  • I was going through my playlist features, and there was a setting to allow (or disallow) access to you computer's camera. Really? If I didn't have my settings properly adjusted,  could anyone watch me on my camera? I might be a bit paranoid, but it's time to cover that little peeping Tom eye with a piece of tape.  That freaks me out. (And, just because you're not paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not watching you, right?)
  • I love good friends.  My friends are really the greatest. In fact, a couple of my awesome girls inspired me to write this tonight.  I have been blessed to know great women who are giving, loving people, who are kind to me whether my back is turned or not (KWIM?)  Here's to the the few women that actually grow up and get past their 'middle-school mentalities'.  Life is not a competition, and when we put others down, it's only ourselves that have been lessened as people; when those around us succeed, it's our success as well.  We become that which we surround ourselves with, this is such a basic principle of living, why is it so foreign to most?  But to the few who understand this, you are the best to share life (or the occasional gno) with! Thank you!

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Tylaine said...

I just can't say it're awesome Kellie!
Truth be told I'm a little intimidated by your awesomness :)

Travelin' Bea said...

i miss you!
watching a whole bunch of people living "in middle school"
what does your schedule look like last week of july? [would love to soak up a little of your awesomeness!]
ps -- sending nano a box early because in spite of my not knowing WHERE ON EARTH my little important dates notebook is, i think a birthday is coming up for him