Friday, June 7, 2013

Have I ever told you how I love having a daughter? Or 2? Or 4?

When London came along, she completed my life in so many ways. What can be better than having a sweet little girl to love, and hug , and kiss, and dress, and braid her hair, and play with? 

London's favorite toy right now is her easel. She plays school in her room nearly every day, practicing for the day she gets to be a real teacher, her main goal in life at this point.  I will find her with rows of students (dolls and stuffed animals) hard at work, while she patiently teaches them how to spell or about the weather. And, while allowing the expo marker to be left in her room is a substantial risk with Jack on the loose in our home, I think it's proved to be worth the gamble so far.  

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