Thursday, February 6, 2014

So, we moved to beautiful Colorado Springs!

I absolutely love it here. We live in a bright 2-story  home, that is colored with a happy shade of yellow.

January was warm beyond expectation, with many 50 and 60 degree days. The last week has has been unusually cold; so cold, in fact, that we have been waking up to temperatures as cold as -20, and even though it is 70 degrees in this house, the hinges of the front door have frost on them. On the inside.

To the delight of the older kids, our entire school district has been shut down for the last 2 days because of the extreme weather. We have been making real snow cones from the (clean) snow off our back deck- we just add apple juice,root beer, or my favorite, pepsi. Yum!
London recently had her eighth birthday, and we are busy planning a Frozen party together. Today we are working on a homemade pinata. She is a sweet sister, and a good helper to me.  She reads a lot, and, as always, makes friends where ever she goes.  Every night I tuck her covers around her skinny little frame and tell her she is "". She relishes feeling safe in her warm bed.

Olivia is doing really well, school and home seem to have both have come together for her, and her behavior has been really good overall. She is being incorporated into a regular 4th grade class room, and has excellent support here. She melts everyone with her blue eyes and blonde hair and friendly demeanor. She spent the morning playing with her siblings and a toy doctor kit, and, of course rocking Wii Party! She is really good at that game!

Nathaniel is in middle school. Middle school! I was terrified to send him there, but he is doing phenomenally well. His favorite thing is the lunch cafeteria- apparently they have a wide variety of food that appeals to boys his age- pizza, brownies, hot dogs, slushies.  He is learning Spanish and Drama, and has been working hard. I'm so proud of him! When he is at home, his life has one main objective- Minecraft. I've tried to play with him, but I just don't understand the appeal. To each his own, I guess!


Jack is a wild, cute little 3 year old. He loves all things Frozen,and goes around singing Let it Go all day long. I tell him he looks just like Kristoff, with his big brown eyes and blonde hair. He is going to preschool and music/art/sports classes at a local kids gym, and he loves it.  His naps are getting shorter, and he can dress himself now.  Every day when I comb his hair, he says he wants it to look like "Prince Aiden's" hair (a character from a Barbie movie).

Photo magic- the sun is shining brightly on his 'snow cone' --looks like magic!

Dane holds the title of "the Love of my Life". He is working like crazy these days, but we are hoping his long hours will come to fruition on his latest project. He is really sweet, and my absolute favorite cuddle bug! The best part of my day is when he gets home and I get to give him a big hug and kiss. I just wish I saw him more!


I'm sick today, and just dragging. Which is probably why I have time to post :)  Spending a lot of time reading, pinning (on Pinterest) organizing and unpacking boxes when I'm not running errands or taking care of the kids. I'm happy, and busy.

Anyway, that's the latest. Love you friends!!!


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