Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

I admit it, I'm a bad blogger.  I'm inconsistent.  Oh, well, I'm over it. I've been a busy Mommy the past few weeks; trying to make up for 9 months of being in bed.  I'm up half the night with Handsome Jack (I forgot how hard the first few weeks of breastfeeding are, especially at 3 am) . This baby is an eating and exploding machine! 

Nathaniel started 3rd grade on Wednesday, London starts preschool this week.  

My fridge is clean. That's a small miracle.

  I wore perfume today- it was the first time since last fall. The world smells so different, I feel like my spirit is living in a new body.

Life is good again.

Time for a nap. 


purseblogger said...

Ooohh, he is SO cute! I'm so happy for you girl. :) xoxo

Allyson & Jere said...

So glad you're getting "back to normal."

It's ok that you haven't been around...having a new baby is a kick in the pants. So, we're happy you're back a little bit. And he is adorable.

Lourie said...

I was thinking about you yesterday! Handsome Jack sure is handsome...and wow he's big! Glad that despite being sleep deprived you are feeling more normal.

Ruth said...

Kellie, did you name Jack after Jack Shepherd? If so that's awesome! If not, it's still a cool name because he can say things like: "Jack is back!" And then shoot is fake guns and wink at anyone in the room. :)

Joy said...

He's a very cute baby!

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Jen said...

Kellie, he is such a precious boy! If I didn't know better, it might make me want to have another! :) We are excited to come see you again! I will let you know when I figure out the time on Friday.

CountessLaurie said...

I am inconsistant too. I thought I would let it bother me, but then I didn't.

If I like a blog, I put them in my Reader. They show up, I read them. It doesn't matter if it's every day or once a month.

Yeah, I am flexible like that.

~Dana said...

Hooray! Wish I could come check out that clean fridge!

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

I so loved meeting you and Jack. And i love flylady too. I'll be back (in my best Arnold voice). Love ya!

Crystal Escobar said...

That is so how I feel after pregnancy. It's such a relief to be done with it :)
It was so much fun meeting you tonight! I'm definitely your newest follower :) I'm looking forward to reading more about you.

mintifresh said...

What an awesome picture! He is such a cutie!

It was fun meeting you tonight and little Jack! :D