Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Just a quick post tonight- first of all, no baby yet.  But I am making some serious plans for what is next in my life and they include cleaning and organizing my house.  It's been neglected for the past...I don't know how many months, since December 7th, so 8 months, and I am pretty much overwhelmed with the mess.  

I found an awesome website called FLYLADY and I started the first baby step today- i deep cleaned my kitchen sink.  It felt great; and since I was up and started I got a lot more done, too.  If I can do this while I'm nauseous and 9 months pregnant, surely some of you can join me.  The site is free, and it breaks the first 31 days down into really, easy "baby steps" that help you get into good cleaning habits.  

I would love it if any of you wanted to try it along with me.  

I know I've already started, but you can do the first 2 steps tomorrow, or just know I'll be taking a quick break when I have this guy.  (I'll be induced on Monday- 8/9/10- if he doesn't come sooner.  I'm ready to start charging this  little guy rent)

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think :)


purseblogger said...

I LOVE flylady! I need to start following her advice again. When we move into our new place I am bound and determined to stay clean and organized.
Good luck with your baby. I'm so excited to hear when he comes. xoxo

Venassa said...

I checked it out, and I like that it's broken down into steps. I would like to try to follow along once I'm in my new apartment.

Kellie said...

Awesome! I love you, my bloggy friends!

Amy said...

utI love Flylady, I am surprised you have not heard of her before.
Just don't sign up for emails. You will be overwhelmed by ALL the emails she sends out.

Lourie said...

I have been Flybaby for ever. Okay...not forever. I am still fluttering. But her steps really work.

~Dana said...

I love Flylady! I read 2 of her books, and they were fabulous! I always try to keep the kitchen sink clean, but I'll never be able to wear socks and shoes!