Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Sickness and Snapshot

I'm sick today.  Puking my guts out again sick.  When will it end?  We were at my parents enjoying the Sunday evening, and I ran to the bathroom and lost my dinner.  I know my Dad was thinking What a waste of perfectly good tri-tip steak.  Yeah, well it tasted whole lot better going down, let me tell you.  So I'm back home and in bed for the rest of the night.... my stomach is empty and I'm hungry. So freaking hungry.  So I'm braving some cheddar cheese.  Did you know that cheese has a TON of salt in it?  Like a teaspoon per slice.  I could taste it when I was starving and dehydrated, and it was NaCl  (there's some chemistry for you) overload so I wouldn't touch it.  Dehydrated body+ lots of salt=bad.  I'm sure craving it right now, though.

Of course, I'm secretly hoping this is an early sign of labor.  I have read nausea can be a signal, and if you add any to what I've already got- yeah, it will send me over that precarious edge, to worship the porcelain gods.  I'm not having any significant contractions, though.  :(  But I do keep hoping.

I am so. ready. to. be. done.

The cheese is gone.  I'm cautiously moving on to chocolate chunk cookie dough.  Wish me luck.

This was a great day we spent at Pelican Bay in June.

Let's call these today's Sunday Snapshot.

I LOVE living by Utah Lake.  The sight of it just brings me peace.  There's nothing like sitting in our front room, watching the sun rise over it.  It's a different color every day- it goes from blue to gray to aquamarine to white, as it freezes completely over in the winter. 
After I have this baby and feel good again, I'll take some really awesome pictures of it to post on here.  It 's just too lovely not to share.


purseblogger said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry Kellie. I am crossing my fingers that this is the first signs of labor. You've had enough of this. I'm thinking of you.

Utah Lake is beautiful. I'm very envious you live right by there. When you are feeling better we so should meet. I'll be in UT again in a few weeks. Good luck with everything. xoxo

~Dana said...

Fun memories!

Lourie said...

Awww dear I am sorry you are sick. I hope this is it for you too. It is time.

Amy said...

Being sick sucks. I am sorry. I hope you have this baby soon. And you better let us know when you do.

Jen said...

I'm so sorry! I'm hoping since it's 4 days later, that you had the baby and are sick no more!