Friday, July 16, 2010


Waiting and ..waiting.  I keep getting contractions 5 -10 minutes apart, for an hour or two....and then, they just go away.  Quit teasing me!

I started packing the hospital bag yesterday, and I was trying to decide on this shirt for Jack:

What do you think? Will it fit him? It's hard to tell.   

London decided to put her photography skills to work on the matching toy:

Nathaniel turned 8 yesterday, too.  He got spoiled by his Grandmas- big time- and got to open his DS from us (again). 

London got him Castle Legos.  It's fun that my kids are finally at an age where they can pick out what they want to get people for birthdays.  It's one less decision for me to make.  I'm a minimalist.

We ended the day by going to the drive-in again where we saw Despicable Me and the A-Team.  I loved both movies- and you'll be proud to know I didn't cry during either one :)

And now, if you'll excuse me, my kitchen is a smelly disaster and I need to go get it under control.

 Anyone want to come and help?  No?  Oh, well.  Maybe doing it myself will put me into labor.  That would be nice.


Lourie said...

I had so many false alarms with baby #3. It drove me nuts. I don't remember nesting with him either. Good luck.

Oh and the shirt looks just right!

Jen said...

I had contractions like that for 8 days til my OB FINALLY induced. I was sooo frustrated by that point, if she hadn't I may have lost it!

Wish I could come clean your kitchen (which I'm jealous of, btw!) for ya.

CountessLaurie said...

Oh, I love the little shirt! *sniff* makes me want another!

Also, I have decided that "clean" is clearly relative. Whenever I feel like my house is a mess, I go watch "Hoarders" for a while and feel better (I supppose I could just clean it instead). And my kitchen is way messier than yours. But if it brings on the contractions...