Friday, March 4, 2011

Weight Issues?

You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body. -C.S. Lewis

Okay, I know I post a lot joking around with sarcasm and/or added tongue-in-cheek drama.  It makes for good reading.  However, this is a serious post.

My true feelings on weight:

I'm just not that concerned with it.

 I don't know what I weigh.

I don't even own a scale.

  Sometimes, when I'm at my Mom's I get on hers, but the numbers don't affect my self esteem or my mood.; it just doesn't matter to me beyond a slight curiosity. 

I think as women we tend to spend way too much time worrying about what other think about us.  The fact is no one, no one, cares as much about your appearance as you do.  (And if they do, whose business is it anyway? Certainly not theirs)

God made women- all women- with an inherent beauty that cannot be denied.  I do not know another woman who doesn't have her own kind of beautiful.  I have friends of every size, shape and color, and they are all lovely. 

Our society has put so much pressure on us to be thin and live up to someone else's standard of beauty, that most of us can't see past it.  I think the lie that we have to be something we are not distracts us from the happiness we could be having if only we would accept ourselves as we really are.  God made us as we are; aren't we insulting Him by saying we are not good enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not tall enough, not smart enough, not tan enough?  I think in a very real sense that that is the ugly voice of ingratitude speaking.

We are what we are.  We don't have to be anything we aren't. If we can find satisfaction with what we have, it enables us to be filled with love and peace, rather than emptiness or longing.  The woman who is truly happy with her life, is the one who can recognize her own blessings instead of being filled with envy towards others.

If we have bodies that are healthy, bodies that are able to function, able to serve, able to help us love and nurture, then we have good bodies.  Period.

Why waste your life being unhappy and dissatisfied because of a cultural meme?  What would your life be like if you didn't feel like you had to measure up to someone else's standard of beauty?  Would you have more peace?  More time to just love and be loved?  Would you be kinder to you offspring (who remind you so much of yourself?)  Kinder to your friends?  Be a little nicer behind that skinny girl's back?

What can a thin lady do that an overweight one can't do?  When I workout with my "Biggest Loser" videos, the contestants kick my butt.  And I love them for it.  This life comes at you fast; it's over before you know it.  I want to spend the rest of  my life happy, taking care of myself and my own.  I don't want to die and realize I never really was living because I was so concerned with what other people were thinking that I was never fully present in my own life.  I just want to enjoy things as they are, and live in the moment, no matter what my size is.

God is not proud...He will have us even though we have shown that we prefer everything else to Him.-- CS Lewis


Tylaine said...

Beautiful Post Kellie and you are such a beautiful person. I have often thought on this subject and I do have a sincere question for you.
It's easier I think sometimes for us to see our blessings when we don't have a lot of difficulty in that area, you know what I mean. Like when you're gorgeous and thin to say things like it shouldn't matter and everyone is beautiful (now I totally know you're 100% sincere so don't think that but I think there are people like that) kinda like ya that's easy for you (not you specifically) to say cause you're not fat, or you arn't struggling financially or you have a great marriage or whatever you know?? I hope I make sense here. I did have a question here I think. Would you feel differently if you had a struggle with weight or any other issue? I mean it's a lot harder to overcome issues when they've affected (or you've let them) affect your self esteem ya know? Sorry to rant but I was just kinda thinkin' about this.

mickisha caye said...

I needed to read this Kellie! Thanks so much for reminding me what is important! Although it would be nice to fit into some of my clothes:) Aah, post pregnancy gotta love it! Hope you are doing well. Your Jack looks so cute, even with his booger face:) Although they are worth every worship of the toilet it is nice once they are here!

Megan said...

Lovely post. As someone who has family that are all obese, as someone who has never struggled with weight before, as someone who is now struggling with basic functionality so I can get back into shape, I read this post from a different perspective.

I'd like my clothes to fit better. I'd like to be 25 pounds lighter. But what I find is that my preference for looks has faded with just pleading for my body to let me pick that toy up off the floor, to get dinner on the table with out maxing out my tolerance levels, retarded things like that.

My sister weighed 330 pounds when she died just shy of her 32nd birthday. She had greater use of her body than I do now.

So while the gist of your post could be said as beware of vanity and be grateful for what/who you are. . . do you have any words of advice (because you are super well read) for those of us who are just trying to exist and struggling with the absurdity of it all?

Honestly, if gaining even more weight would equate to functionality, I'd happily do so. I have found, however, the opposite to be true. Forget beauty. It was never in my cards to begin with --but I am pleased as punch that they are in yours.

I figure it's like painting. I may not be able to create a work of art but I can lose myself in the beauty of what an artist creates. It does not lessen me to be around something beautiful. It inspires.

Beautiful post.