Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Snapshots-Catching up

Dane and I had our first Christmas together, without our children.  We enjoyed Christmas eve dinner with my brother, Logan and his wife and son, Nadia and Joseph.  Nadia is Brazilian, and the cuisine was delectable. Joseph kept us entertained in his sweet energetic way while we dined. It was so neat to try dishes we had never experienced before, and with a table overflowing with food, it felt like a feast fit for royalty!

I absolutely love this sweet little family. 

 Here are a few snapshots from that night:

Logan, Nadia, and Joseph

I love my little nephew! He is so cute and energetic!

I'm always happy with the Love of my Life in my arms. This man blesses my world over and over and over again!

Gorgeous Christmas Song

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