Friday, February 22, 2013

Where the Wild Things Are

I can see the irritation in Jewel's expression as Jack, once again, reaches for her tail.

I suppose if he has to be causing someone grief, I should just be thankful that this time it's not me.  (This week's escapades included Elmer's glue all over London's furniture and carpet, and 2 broken toys {not his}. I guess that's a pretty good week for him).

Even though he can be a speedy whirlwind of destruction, this boy has me wrapped around his little finger. One morning during breakfast, he kept saying, 

"Mom, it swishes! It swishes Mommy!"

 It took me awhile, but when I figured out that he was calling my cooking "delicious" in his little 2-year-old way, it melted my heart. 

Busted!Jack gets caught getting into the DVD's, with a cheese stick in his hand.  A wand is to Harry Potter as a cheese stick is to Jack. 

He sure keeps me hopping, but I'll take some chaos and destruction if it comes with love like his, 


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