Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bye Bye Beautiful

I sold my beautiful convertible today.

Isn't she gorgeous?
Yes, she is a Michael Scott car.  The Michael Scott car to be exact.  Silver and everything.

My favorite thing about her was the way she smelled.
Super clean.

She just smelled good.
Without a car freshener.

The man who bought her was really nice.  He was tall and thin, with greying hair...maybe 50.  He got cancer and his wife left him, so he was single.  He felt like he needed a fun car.  Why not?  I'm sure the fact that the car likes to go topless won't hurt, either.  I hope the Sebring brings him luck, catches him someone worthy of marriage.

He paid full asking price- not one bit of haggling.  He was so appreciative of the condition my car was in- how immaculate she was.  It made me happy; I know if he's grateful for her being well-maintained he'll probably take good care of her, too.

Bye-bye Beautiful.

You're in good hands.

But I'll miss you. 



Lourie said...

Oh that must have been hard. At least she is in good hands. It is weird that there was a convertible in both our posts today!! Of course, mine is just a dream. *sigh*

Allyson & Jere said...

It's always hard to let go of those things. I have such a hard time with change. Hope you gave it up for bigger and better things.

CountessLaurie said...

Ooooh, she is pretty. And clearly the single gent needed her. You have done a noble deed indeed.

purseblogger said...

Oh sad! Why did you sell her?

~Dana said...

Bye, bye. Too bad Josh never got to drive her. Sob, sob!