Thursday, June 3, 2010

Free Fish Tacos For Us All!

Sweet Summertime!

We are loving the warm weather here at the Hendricks' house.  

I finally have the faintest little bit of a tan line.
The weeds in the backyard are somewhat in control.

And the kiddos are enjoying our small pool despite the dog slobber additive it contains.

This weekend is only getting better because
if you click HERE you can download a coupon
for a FREE Rubios fish taco, valid tomorrow
(good only in Utah)

Their tacos are the best- they taste like authentic Baja cooking.
And I am crazy-pregnant-woman-craving one.

Also, Saturday is free fishing day in Utah in all lakes and rivers;
take your kids and have fun.

We'll be at Utah Lake's Pelican Bay.

Did I mention I love summertime?  I do.  I love it. 

(All photos copyright 2010 Kellie Hendricks)


Anonymous said...

Oh man! Why can't I be in UT now?? I'm coming next week...*sigh*

Allyson & Jere said...

I think I'd like summer better in Utah too. Sounds like good times around there.

Jen said...

Today was perfect weather!! As for the pelican bay....well you know what memory those two words bring to me!! Have fun enjoying it!

Lourie said...

No fair! We need that coupon here in Cali too. Yes we have Rubios too. And their food is super good. Oh welll...maybe we will get a turn later. Haha.