Monday, September 13, 2010

3 Blogs I love

At our GNO Thursday, we all agreed to share 3 of our favorite blogs.

  I'm secretly addicted to THIS BLOG . There is a part of me that a sort of a voyeur as I watch the tragic events of Sarah's life unfold.  Her blog needs to come with a "To read is to cry" warning. When Rich finds me sitting in front of my laptop, sobbing, he asks, "Are you reading that blog again?" I sniff and and tell him yes and quit staring at me.  He leaves the room as quickly as possible.  I then go and find my children and hug them.

Jamee at THIS BLOG is hilarious! At least her blog is.  Jamee and I used to live on the same street, but in real life Jamee is the most anti-social person I have ever met.  My West Valley friends and I invited her to every get together, every girls night out, to go early morning walking with us, and I even invited her to dinner at my house a couple of times.  She never came.  Not once.

Oh, she's nice and everything, she just never wanted to hang out. Ever.  Our husbands were actually pretty good friends- Christian is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and their 3 little boys and super duper adorable!  We have both since moved, and I found her blog through a mutual friend a few months ago.  It made me mad.   It pissed me off that this woman is such a cool person, but I never really got to know her while I lived by her. Why did she hide her awesome self away from us West Valley girls?  Were we that ghetto? Or is she really just that introverted?

She is SO FUNNY! I absolutely LOVE reading what she has to say.  I hope you check her out, and while you're there feel free to tell her how cool I am, and that she should come hang out with me sometime.  For real.

Last, but certainly not least- my IRL friend Debbie has recently started a NEW BLOG, and if I know anything about Debbie, it's that whatever she does, she does it well.  Her blog is going to rock, and I want my followers to be her first followers so we can all claim bragging rights when she becomes famous.  Stop by, put some pressure on her to keep writing by becoming a follower, and tell her I sent you.

 This is just a completely random photo of Nathaniel's Legos.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


mintifresh said...

Those Legos look ready to fight. Or have a serious dance off!

purseblogger said...

LOL Mindi!
I am off to check out and follow the blogs. I will put major pressure on Debbie and tell Jamee to hang out with you. To come to our GNO's. Why she hasn't already hung out with you, I'll never know. She's missing out. Seriously.

KyAnn (like Cayenne Pepper, only HOTTER) said...

Um, you forgot my blog. I'm uber competitive and I want to take the number 1 spot. What's it going to take? Diet Coke? Boob job fund? Tend your spawn? Name it.

JameeMaLee said...

Oh Kellie....
How freaking hilarious is that?
I'm sorry about my anti-socialness.
Geez. Forgive me.
Do you want to hang out with me still? I don't think your ghetto. I'm ghetto is how that story goes. I didn't even know you had a blog. and then I saw you were friends with Melissa ( who I've known since 6th grade bytheway)and I was like if she is hanging out with Melissa well then she has a blog, and then Kyann stopped by mine to tell me to hang out with you lol. Lets do, how lovely would that be?

Debbie said...

Hey Kellie,
I just checked out my blog today and guess what? I have three more followers since last time (for a total of 4 ) Yipee! Thanks for sending fabulous purse blogger over my way :) It's been a HECKOFAWEEK (yes, it's only Tuesday) so it MADE MY DAY!!!! And I certainly echo you on Jamee. She is freakin hilarious and I LOVE her blog (but she totally SHOULD have hung out with us;)

Michelle Pixie said...

I am off to check them out! ;-)