Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Time

Dear Time,
Will you please slow down just a little?  I just can't seem to keep up with you.  I'm trying, but you move way too fast. 

How is it that my son is already in Cub Scouts, bringing homework to me from his 3rd grade class?  I thought he would stay little for much, much longer. Wasn't it just yesterday he was crawling around in diapers, tearing books off the shelf, putting every disgusting thing he could find on the ground into his mouth?  Where did that soft cheeked baby go?

Why can my daughter paint her nails (well!) so soon?  Shouldn't that be years off?  When we go to the library, she picks out princess magazines and begs for Hannah Montana dvd's, and, not to be rude, but I'm certain that somehow it's all your fault.

And my littlest....he was a skinny, tiny boy last week, and now he has a double chin, and his sweet red hair is falling out (as is mine).  His chicken legs are starting to look human and his little belly grows round before my eyes.  I'm trying so hard to cherish every moment with him, but you sneak up on me, and the day passes before I even begin to enjoy it.  

(Doesn't he look contemplative here?)

It's not fair! You are cheating to fly by like this; please, please slow down.  Let me enjoy being a Mom without feeling so rushed all the time, without feeling guilty that I couldn't do more than I do, don't take more pictures than I do, can't stay focused on the most important things around me- my family.

Just slow down.

Will you at least think about it?

Best regards,


Allyson & Jere said...

This makes me sad.

I mean, you wrote it so beautifully, and perfectly. It's just soo true. And now I'm all traumatized and freaked out that when I wake up tomorrow Max's chubby cheeks will have disappeared and his voice will have dropped.

Thanks for the reminder.

purseblogger said...

Ahh girl...I've begged and begged time to slow down. Hasn't listened to me yet. :(

CountessLaurie said...

That's it ... I am going home and hugging my wee ones while they are still wee.


Lourie said...

My eldest is 13, my baby started kindergarten this year. It only goes faster and faster I am sad to say.

Your kids are so beautiful!

Debbie said...

Awww. I can totally relate to how you feel. Yesterday all three of my kids were in the primary program (for the first and last time) together. Kelsey is going to be in YW for Pete's sake! And besides that, time is giving me more gray hairs...haven't decided if I'm gonna keep them or cover up....hmmmm?

Michelle Pixie said...

It does seem to be going by much too! I love those pictures. I need to grab some of your inspiration and take some photos of my kiddos. :)

Crystal Escobar said...

I agree, it's all going WAY too fast.
Your kids are so beautiful! I think your daughter looks just like you!

Carrie said...

Agreed. Slow it down for H sakes.

Carrie (did you know we are kind of neighbors?)