Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Morning in 2d

First of all, I've had a ton requests for pictures of my new do, so here you are:

 Somehow it looks cuter here than in real life.

Want to see what my world looks like as I wake up in the morning?

This is pretty much it:

"Got Milk?"

Saturday morning bath time:

Jack gives Rich the "Oh, no you didn't!" look and flips his first birdie, after being placed in the tub against his will.
 My bald babies.

 And where are the kids?  Busy enjoying Saturday morning cartoons!

 London gets a bath, too.  This girl has a knack for getting food in her hair (a bad habit left over from toddlerhood?). We have to wash it a lot just to be able to get a comb through it. 

 The older two are spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa Hendricks up in Logan.  It's London's first sleep over there without parents; she's pretty excited.
 (I should have spent the morning making the kids clean their rooms, but I just wasn't in the mood.  It can wait until Monday, right?)

If you're wondering how she sleeps with all that junk piled on her're not alone.
 Apparently I'm the only person in the household who isn't enthralled by Japanimation.

Time to go!  The kids have a ton of wrappers and garbage stashed in the back of the car...I decided this mess couldn't wait until Monday.  Nathaniel hangs upside down pulling it out from under the seat.

 And off they went, leaving me a minute to post this,

and cuddle this juicy little package:


Josh and Kandice said...

Hi Kellie! I'm so happy to see you have a blog, I will be following you now!:) I would cuddle that juicy little Jack package, too! Your family is so gorgeous! Your little girl looks just like you. Your pictures are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your hair! So cute!
Jack is adorable. I hope your kids have a great night away. :)

~Dana said...

I LOVE your haircut! It looks fabulous! I enjoyed the pictures of the kids, as well!

~Dana said...

By the way, is London still wearing the cheapo blue broken-velcro-strap shoes? Seriously? That girl is so funny!

Debbie said...

You have BANGS girl! They look good on you :) (Course EVERYTHING looks good on you). I cleaned my car today too, and yes, I MADE the kids help me...boy did they have a lot of crap laying around. Love the pic of your boys ;)

Erin said...

Bangs look cute on you! YOur family is beautiful!

Joy said...

Your hair is beautiful! Your kids are so cute and I think Jack is very adorable.

Lourie said...

Love LOVE the bangs! You are adorable. And so are your babies. All three of them.

Ruth said...

Your bangs look great! They frame your face well. Mine were crazy because my hair is curly, but I think they work well with straight hair. I'd still stock up on bobby pins just in'll have a days that you can't stand them soon enough.

Allyson & Jere said...

Jack is delicious and I want to just eat him up. I would love waking up that way each morning too.

I think your hair looks cute. It makes you look totally different, that is for sure. But, I like it! I'm sure it's like all new things, they take getting used to, especially when they're on YOU. The first time I DIDN'T have bangs threw me for a loop for weeks. i didn't recognize the person in the mirror, AT ALL!, LOVE this whole post. I just enjoy random peeks into peoples random lives.

Lauren said...

these pictures are SO cute, what adorable kids you have. I have 2 baldy boys too its the best. and I totally love your bangs they look really good!

Tylaine said...

LOVE the hair!! You have such a gorgeous family! I could just squeeze that little Jack :)

CountessLaurie said...

Wow! You are looking good chica, for a woman who probably gets very little sleep. I love the bangs!

And you had me laughing at "got milk" too funny!

Emmy said...

Beautful pictures! My little guy is a baldy now too... He had hair but it all fell out, except the old man patch around the back :)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Silly Monkeys said...

Love it!! Lindsay does the same think as London sleeping with everything in her bed. Jack is so cute. Love the pic of you two bald men. Did you get a new car? We should get together sometime. Kids are out of school for another week and half.

RN Mama said...

Your hair looks fabulous!

What sweet children you have, they are all adorable! I had to laugh about all the junk in your daughter's bed, because my girls look the exact same way!