Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This family

This boy:

 just wants to eat.  All.the.time.  And it is beginning to show. He's got the double chin, the little rolls on his thighs, and a loud, healthy cry. If his appetite keeps up, we'll soon be sending him to Hollywood for Stay Puft Marshmallow or Michelin Man auditions.

This older brother:

 is golden.  Just golden. He had a bad dream and came downstairs crying early this morning.  He is such a tender child.  He let me know on the way to school this morning that he's tired of sitting in a booster seat. "When can I sit in a regular seat, Mom?" 
"When you're nine." 

This one: 

 Has lost every privilege she has (TV, video games, friends) with her 'screaming at the top of her lungs' fits.  Luckily bubble baths are not considered a privilege in this house.
Here's to hoping she alters her attitude and earns them back.

 The milkaholic's passed out on the swing in the middle of the afternoon.  

 And this one:
 is making me think maybe-just maybe- he'll turn out to be worth all the grief he's given me.

And now, I'm off to teach this who's boss:

 (it's me, in case you were wondering)


CountessLaurie said...

You have an adorable family.
I am SO not ready for icy roads... blech!!

Lourie said...

I love that picture of your boys! It's precious. And I am jealous...I don't remember the last I got a little note from the hubs. Well at least one that said more than: If you are going to Wally, I need shampoo. Hahaha.

*After you teach your laundry, will you come and teach mine???" hahaha

Crystal Escobar said...

Oh I loved this post! Cutest EVER! Incredible pictures, cute little note from your husband, and LOVED the pile of laundry :) the joys of motherhood.

Allyson & Jere said...

What a great post. I totally love it, and the pics and the thought behind it all.

I hope your daughter earns back her privelages too. Then, tell me how you tamed her, 'cause you know...I need some helpe. hehe

Venassa said...

Ahh.. scary pile of laundry. Putting it away is the worst.

My nephew was the same when he was a baby.. was almost always eating. He lost his leg rolls when he stretched out a bit.

Carrie said...

Adorable kiddos!!! I love our boy, girl, boy birth order we have in common. :) Freakin good pictures too. Happy laundry day.

Tylaine said...

Beautiful pictures! and that quiet little angel screaming?? lol sounds like my little spitfire....they'd probably have a ball together.

Michelle Pixie said...

Okay seriously if my hubby left me little notes like that it would melt my cold little heart! ;-)

If you find the magic privilege that if they lose it they will behave please pass that along my way...My 3 girls may be the death of me! Heh

Oh and the laundry. Grrrrr Laundry!

Our Family said...

What a beautiful family!

Jen said...

♥ the post it!! How darn sweet!

As always, love your pictures. You have such beautiful children!

Debbie said...

Big bro and little bro...precious. I hope little Miss shapes up soon for you. And you show that laundry who's in charge! Love you :)

~Dana said...

Baby Jack is getting so big! I can't wait to see him again!!!