Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Confessional With Glamazon

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I confess: 

  • I'm losing the baby weight and am 'between sizes'.
  • I have nothing very little to wear right now.
  • And I refuse to go shop for clothing in my current size, because it (hopefully) wont fit for very long.
  • So, I have this this bra that fits me well, except the straps fall down constantly.
  • It sucks, or, at least it did until I found the most obvious solution:
  • Scotch tape.
  • Really.
  • Right across my shoulders.  Works like a dream.
  • I'm thinking, how have I been on this planet for 32 years, and not been able to figure that out before this?
  • I think that a lot. 
  • I washed a load of whites this week.
  • It was one of those loads where I just kept adding clothes; the washer was over full.
  • Little did I know, there was a stowaway hiding amongst our tees and undies
  • It was a black pen.
  • Do you know what happens when you wash a black pen in hot water with white clothing?
You should try it and find out for yourself.

P.S. Here's a hint: the only pair of unspotted underwear I have left are the ones I was wearing at the time.  


purseblogger said...

Oh man! That totally sucks about the pen. Sorry girl.
I will have to try the scotch tape trick.

Lourie said...

Oh I have done that. It is not fun! Shout and a toothbrush...or new undies! hahaha.

Allyson & Jere said...

I'm so intrigued by this scotch tape idea. I can't imagine why it doesn't just get unsticky with the body/skin oils. But, I'm so willing to try it, 'cause I HATE falling down bra straps.

Total bummer about the black pen. I mean, TOTAL BUMMER! Can you salvage the whites?

Crystal Escobar said...

Scotch tape, I never thought of that, and what a bummer about the pen in your clothes. I'm going to try it out now, I really want to see what happens :)

Debbie said...

Oh crud. I once DRIED a black pen. It broke in the drier and turned to TAR. Made me really mad 'cause I had my favorite green shirt in the load. You can only guess where the pen came from, right? Oh, and falling bra straps are no fun, what a great idea to use scotch tape :)

mintifresh said...

I did a load of wash with a red crayon once. That was fun. Oh, and the time there was a pack of gum in someone's pocket. That was cool, too.

Our Family said...

I read this post a few days ago, and last night I had a dream that I was going to try the tape idea, but I didn't have any scotch tape, so I used blue painters tape. Not only did I use it on my straps, but I used it on my shoes and made a belt out of it too, thanks for crazy dreams!

~Dana said...