Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Confessional

  • We got new neighbors in the house behind us.  
  • They have 4- count 'em- 4! little yippy dogs.
  • I listened them bark, day in and day out- 8-10 hours a day...
  • For about a month.
  • They seriously barked all the time.
  • I listened to them with my eyes on my watch for an hour.
  • There was a four second period of silence.  The rest of the time it never stopped.
  • I secretly hoped they would dig under the fence and come into our yard so our (quiet) German Shepherds could eat them for dinner. Or a light snack.
  • Finally one day, I reached my limit.  I called animal control and asked them just to stop by and let them know the barking was disturbing their neighbors.
  • I felt bad about it, but I didn't want to make an enemy by asking them myself.
  • THE NEXT MORNING I look out my kitchen window and notice their oldest son who I had never seen before.

  • He was in  a wheelchair.

  • Oh, no, not like a regular wheelchair. No, no.  It was an electric-quadriplegic-can't-move-at-all-lucky-if-he-can-speak-with-straps-to-keep-his-head-up type of wheelchair.
  • I'm such a great person.

  • I'm also pretty sure my chances of going to hell when I die went up about 27% with that phone call. 

  • I get to ponder on that in blissful silence, though.  It's kinda nice.


    Allyson & Jere said...

    Yeah well, yipping dogs that NEVER stop and ruin your every moment, and move you to the brink of insanity, TOTALLY trumps boy in the wheelchair. I feel safe in telling you, your going to hell meter only went up a possible 2%, that's it, I swear. But if you want the REAL truth, I would have killed the dogs myself. Just sayin.

    Lourie said...

    My mom has a very yippy neighbor dog that barks incessantly. Sorry the kid is in a wheelchair, but that doesn't mean you get leave your 4 barking dogs out ALL THE TIME. I will be happy to keep you company in hell. :) haha.

    Tammy said...

    That happened to us too but animal control would not do anything since we live outside the city. They just put Marina to sleep after 8 years of listening to her every summer day! It's going to be quiet this summer!
    I am your newest follower...stopping by from Laura's blog! ...and by the way, you did the right thing.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh man, you totally did the right thing. Yappy dogs are so annoying. It is sad he's in a wheelchair but that has nothing to do with the yappy dogs. Enjoy the silence. :)

    Linda Medrano said...

    I'm sorry the boy is in a wheelchair. I'm sorry anyone is. That said, someone needs to control dogs that bark out of control for hours and hours. I have two big noisy dogs and I don't let them carry on outside like that EVER.

    Miss. Candy said...

    Wheelchair or not, the dogs would make me go insane!!!! We have two dogs and they are not the yippie kind.

    ~Dana said...

    Hell would have been yours had you assisted the curious yippy yappies in digging that hole under the fence. I'm glad you didn't listen to my advice, or we would have been down under together. Still, Hex would have enjoyed the doggie treat. Did April ever recover from her missing pups?

    Glamazon said...

    Aw, sad, why does it always have to be that way? You do something that needs to be done, and then, SMACK, here comes the guilt. I feel ya. but you know those dogs needed some shushing.

    CountessLaurie said...

    Oy... figures. Perhaps if you shushed his companion dog, maybe, but not ankle-biting yippy dogs...