Friday, April 2, 2010

April Fools

So yesterday was April Fool's Day. Yippee! I dragged my nauseas body out of bed early (only because I was already awake), and London and I put green food coloring in the milk, hoping to fool Nathaniel.  As my luck would have it, Rich came down to get breakfast first. 

"What happened to the milk?!" came his astonished cry from the kitchen.

It was such a dumb joke, but London and I laughed and laughed.

I noticed later that a new gallon had been opened.

I made both kids drink the green milk for dinner.  
Nathaniel asked for seconds.

I have been known to pull some really great pranks in my lifetime.  

Painting a grown man's toenails while he slept on the beach. 

Melting candy bars in diapers and eating it in front of people who were convinced it was something the baby had made.

I even have a fly I carefully swatted, then froze in an ice cube.  It's currently in my freezer. I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to use it.

When I was 18, I worked graveyards as a CNA.  My (then)11 year-old bother and his friend Brian thought it would be funny to wake me up, and keep waking me up by knocking on my window as I slept all day.  

It wasn't funny.

Fortunately, I had that night off.  

I crept upstairs at 3a.m., past my parents' room- I could hear them snoring like chainsaws- and into Brandon's bedroom where the two pests were sleeping on bunk beds.

I had a metal bucket, a string of firecrackers, and a lighter.  I put the bucket right next to the bed, lit the fuse, and stood in the doorway so there would be no escape.

The fireworks show began. It was bright and very loud.  It sounded (and looked!) like gunfire in the small space.  

Brandon sat up in the top bunk, with great wide eyes, frozen in fear.

Brian hopped out of bed  and ran in circles around the room screaming, looking like a chicken with it's head cut off. He didn't stop running until after the last 'Bang!'.

As it ended, I was sure I had woken the entire house. Brandon was still frozen in place, wide-eyed and shaking.  Brian stopped running and just stood there, looking at me in the dim light.

"Don't ever wake me up again," I said, "You guys can clean up the bucket in the morning."

They gave me no response.

My parents were still snoring as I walked down the hall back to my room.

I saw Brian at a wedding a few months ago.  He brought the experience up.

"That was the best prank ever," he said,"I mean, firecrackers in a metal bucket.  How did you think of it?"

Now, there's a good sport.


Our Family said...

Glad to see that you are blogging again! FUNNY joke! I hope you get feeling better soon... like 20 more weeks :( sorry!

~Dana said...

About the nail polish... haha, hahahah. You forgot to mention that we were on a beach in Mexico (the middle of freakin nowhere) and you went up and down the beach asking everyone if they had any nail polish remover. What you found, you dumped out. Then, when 6'2 or is it 6'4 David fell asleep you and Janae went to work. We all admired your work for more than a week.

Good job keeping family history! So glad these are documented!