Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love him.

My husband is the best. He really is. I am so thankful he is mine.Here are a few reasons why I love him:
  • He brings me strawberries and cream in bed (without an ulterior motive)
  • He does the dishes.  A lot.
  • I always feel safe around him
  • He never tries to control me or my decisions.  Ever.
  • He does all the maintenance on our vehicles himself, and he does it well.
  • He works long hours and late shifts and seldom complains about his job.
  • He attends all my 'baby' Dr. appointments with me.  I don't even have to ask him to come- he just wants to be there with me.
  • He calls me.  Just to see how my day/night is going.  I love it.
  • He bought me a Lost t-shirt.  Just for fun.  I can't wait until I can fit into it. (August, when will you get here?!)
  • He is a fantastic Father. He gives baths, helps Nathaniel with homework, and even does London's hair sometimes.
I love having a husband I can count on.  There is no one else I would want to spend the rest of my life with.  I can't even imagine living without him.


Tylaine said...

That's so beautiful Kellie.
Thanks for sharing...I think I need to do some thinking about how wonderful my husband is and treat him better. Thanks for the reminder! :)
P.S. Your post its were hillarious!!

~Dana said...

Sweet, and remove the post-it's from yesterday before you-know-who sees them.

Kellie said...

Tylaine- Thanks! I can't seem to find your other blog...? Can you post it or email it to me?

Dana-I'm very confident that person doesn't read my blog. And if she does, maybe she'll learn something :) It's a lot more likely she would just think I was writing about someone else. I'm not sccarrrred.

Lourie said...

Oh what a sweetie you have in him.

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet. I love reading stuff like this. You have a good one!

I have something for you on my blog :)