Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Confessional

It's Friday know what that means- time to head over to glamazon, link-up, and 'fess up. 
I confess:

  • I am the only blogger out there without a cool nickname/alias.
  • It's getting to me.
  • I have thought about it long and hard to no avail.
  • Nicknames I have had in my life:
  • Kellie-bellie
  • Kellie-jellie-bellie
  • Typhoid Kellie
  • Factory Defect (thanks, Dana)
  • Fireball
  • I would rather not be known as any of those, thankyouverymuch.
  • *Sigh* and so I remain, plain ol' Kellie Hendricks.
  • It probably makes stalking me easier though.
  • Stalkers- that is not an invitation or a challenge.  Stay away.

  • Last summer I took my kids to the local rec center for a fun day of swimming.
  • We played 'I spy' on the way.
  • London spied something white.
  • To make a long story turned out to be me.
  • In an attempt to avoid a repeat of that fun episode this year, I have been sunning on our back deck on any day the weather co-operates.
  • I'm white. Really white. Like you can see my vein systems through my transparent skin white.
  • I would like to take this moment to apologize to my backyard neighbors.  (Please protect your eyes from the bright glare with some uv sunglasses, and then close your blinds when I'm outside)
  • My face has become as freckled as the 9-year-old Kellie's used to be, but other than that....nothing, nada, not even a ghost of a tan line.
          Is it possible that the sun is bleaching me even whiter?
  • I'm not asking to look like Halle Berry, I just want to be able to wear maternity capris without the eager beavers offering their unsolicited Jergens/Nivea/other smelly tanning lotion advice.
  • (Yeah- and I know that up to this point half of you were getting ready to mention your special lotions in a comment.  I still love you.)
  • I'm not giving up yet. It's still early in the season; I'll let you know how it goes.


Joy said...

Yea, I am white as a ghost too. The closest I get to color in the summer is a sunburn.

Glamazon said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny. The other day my 6-year-old told me that my teeth were yellow. Fantastic. Hmm...alias...Lellie Kellie? (My girls are obsessed with those freaking shoes, thankyouverymuch Nick) Umm...why were you called Typhoid Kellie?

Lourie said...

I don't have a nickname either. We need to give each other one.

I am white like you. And you know what, I am okay with it. I usually just burn anyway. I'd rather be white than lobster red.

Allyson & Jere said...

Don't feel bad, I'm UBER white too, and I'm ok with it. I prefer it over skin cancer. And, I totally have NO cool nickname either. Sometimes if bothers me, but I guess not enough to do anything about it. haha
At least your blogger name is fun, mine is just our names. LAME!

Lucy said...

Doesn't your husband have a nickname for you? One appropriate to share??? I was going to use my REAL name but my husband wanted me to use my nickname and he gave me my nickname some 20 years ago, sometimes it feels more like my NAME now, he calls me Lucy way more than my given name! Other nicknames he uses are not fit for sharing (lol)

Stacy said...

The kids and I are all glow in the dark white! There should be a day at the pool just for us glow in the dark people so none of us feel bad we are pasty.

Stef said...

Ahhhhhh...the white glare...the kind you can see the pores of your legs. Yay....I am so there with you! I almost don't shave so my legs will look darker...ALMOST!
Nicknames are overrated...unless you have one and they are great. I don't have one either...I'm plain old stef. Maybe Plain'olme.

~Dana said...

You haven't forgotten about 'factory defect' yet? I'm sure that must have been Rob's idea. I couldn't possibly have come up with that!

How about a nickname like 'Tude', since you have so much attitude?

'Hot Momma' is a good one. Or, 'the cop's wife'? How about 'incredible budgeteer', or 'ex-cook'? Maybe K9 lady, gymboree fanatic, or 'Kels'? Photographer? Writer? Hair stylist gal? White legs? Skinny Butt? Extra-large shower? Gunniw Sack Momma? Know-me-love-me? World Traveler?

I could go on... however it is 11:20 here, and I am used to getting up at 5:30 am (not p.m. like SOME people we know). I know... how about 'just don't wake me up... or else!' YOu should rant about how irritating it is to be woken up next Tuesday.

I think 'Kels' is perfect, personally, but that is just me.

~Dana said...

I forgot Tazmanian Devil.

I also forgot drop-dead gorgeous model!

Kellie said...

Dana, you crack me up! You know me too well. Love you.