Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Oh, we had a good Easter today. The Easter
Bunny brought more dollar store toys and less
candy, and held her breath- no one noticed
the lack of plastic eggs and jelly beans.
It was totally validating.
Why should we have to be 100% traditional all the time?
London was happy with new Gymmie's,
'How To Train A Dragon' chocolate eggs, an
Aurora puzzle, a stuffed pig + misc.
Nathaniel got an awesome Cabela's multi-tool.
He has carried it around all day.
This was the big hit- sponge capsules.
My kids LOVE these.
The green one is supposed to be some kind of bug.
(I can't identify it-can you?)

**I'm a total blogging novice. HELP! How do I
get more than 4 pics to load at a time from Picasa?!**
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