Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zions Park

As Bea guessed, we went to Zions National Park over the weekend. It was awesome!
I couldn't hike, as I am so physically limited right now, but it was still fun.
My parents rented a fantastic cabin that was just outside the park, and the entire family came.

My kids hiked and played with their cousins, and roasted marshmallows over the outdoor firepit, having the time of their lives.

Nathaniel, Alexander, Jenna ,and London explore a small cave.

Nathaniel and Michael are best friends that just happen to be cousins!

Start to finish, London and Jenna were inseparable. What a great weekend, let's do it again soon!
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Debbie D said...

Beautiful waterfall photo. Looks like a fun weekend. Glad to hear you're doing a bit better.

~Dana said...

Great trip!