Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shooting bugs.

The weather is finally warmng up- at our house that means bugs and more bugs!

Nathaniel and his friends like to spend countless hours hunting and collecting these poor little creatures.

I have to remember to save, wash out, and poke holes in the lids of every glass applesauce jar we empty.

(And yes, the prating mantis in the above photo actually is riding a skateboard.)

I love taking really close-up photographs of my children's lives; it's a great way to preserve the memories by capturing the intimate details of the moment.

To get a tiny object shot, you want to put your camera on 'macro' mode. It's generally symbolized by a flower icon. Use the telephoto part of your lens (that means get as close to your subject as you can with the lens), and you should be able to get some great detail shots!
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