Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Confessional

I'm joining Glamazon's Friday Confessional today.  Enjoy.

  • My entire adult life, I have washed my hair every 2 days.  Now it's every 3.
  • I was so good this spring-SO GOOD- and didn't have any Gymbucks to spend.
  • Then my Mom gave me hers.
  • How could I say no to that?
  • Gymbucks are evil.
  • Rich took me to the mall yesterday, and I could only get half of them spent before I got so nauseated I had to leave.
  • It made me really sad.
  • Will the real Kellie Hendricks please stand up?
  • Because I'm not her anymore.
  • Oh, that's right. She's on vacation for next 4 months and will be back after I have this baby.
  • London had the flu on Sunday night.
  • She curled up next to me and said, "At least we get to throw up together, Mom."
  • I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
  • The real reason my kids didn't get jelly beans for Easter is- I ate them all.
  • A bag at a time.
  • They were Jelly Belly's.
  • It was totally worth it.


Oka said...

Don't think I could eat that many Jelly Beans. WHat is a gymbuck?

Kellie said...

Lol! I didn't think I could eat that many either. But I did. A Gymbuck is a promotion Gymboree does, when you spend $50, you can come back during a certain time and get $25 off your next $50. They keep you spending.

Allyson & Jere said...

That's hilarious, I love that you ate all of their jellybeans. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting,so nice to have you along for the ride.

Anonymous said...

Gymbucks are so so evil! I can't resist them either.
Congrats on your pregnancy. That is so exciting!
LOL on the jelly beans. :)
Found you thru Glamazon

Kellie said...

So glad to be getting comments. Welcome all!

Glamazon said...

Oooh, I've never heard of gymbucks, maybe its best I stay away :) Pregnant? Sick? I hear ya, sweetheart. Oh no, I'm not pregnant now, but I always got super duper duper sick during pregnancy. Not fun! I'm sorry. Sounds like your little girl is a sweetheart, though.

So glad you played! Have a good weekend!