Monday, April 19, 2010


The only thing worse than suffering

is watching those you love suffer.

Nathaniel was sick with the flu all weekend.

I caught it yesterday.

At least the sun is shining;

and it's warm enough to open the windows

and let the fresh air in.

It's Rich's day off, too

so we're fortunate to have him here

to bring us juice,

good movies,

and spend half the night on the bathroom floor

with our son.

I watched "Cinderella Man"

for the first time yesterday.

I loved it. Loved it!

I need to get up now

to take a shower,

change the sheets

(is there anything better than crisp, clean sheets?)

and maybe go sit in the sun for awhile.
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1 comment:

CountessLaurie said...

i LOVE crisp sheets. there is nothing better.

i hope you are all feeling better!